In 2012 the world ends by a secret alien organization. The organization, UPU(Which stands for United Planets of our Universe), decided that Earth had surpassed it's "primitive state" and was no longer

    What is a house and how do I get one?


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    What is a house and how do I get one?

    Post  Admin on Mon May 24, 2010 5:07 pm

    You may have your own "House" to rp in if you wish. The only rules are:
    -You must live in the area(IC) that you are owning a house in
    -You are above 15(IC) or share with someone else.

    A house will have a Forum with the title "Name's house". Anyone can post going to your house, you can choose to ignore it(Making it seem as you are not there) or respond to it. Make sure you make a closed topic stating what your house looks like (Outside and inside). Here are some guidelines before you start deciding what your house will appear like:
    -It is technically a large tent or cabin(Depending how old and if you are a bigger part of the resistance.
    -No technology works.

    How do I get one?
    Simple. Just post a reply to this topic with this application form:

    If so, who?:

    [b]If so, who?:[/b]

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