In 2012 the world ends by a secret alien organization. The organization, UPU(Which stands for United Planets of our Universe), decided that Earth had surpassed it's "primitive state" and was no longer

    Travel Into Our New Life (Closed to Original 12)

    Emily Elsa DiVinio

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    Travel Into Our New Life (Closed to Original 12)

    Post  Emily Elsa DiVinio on Wed May 26, 2010 4:41 pm

    Original 12

    Emily awakened, but her sleepy eyes stayed shut. She didn't want to have to wake up and begin the day just yet. Sleep was just too good, turning around, she mumbled a few words. Emily had always talked in her sleep, it was really annoying when you trying to hide something. Emily yelped a few more words out as the wagon, which she was sleeping in, rammed into a rock. She flew up a few inches before falling back down into the warm metal of the wagon.

    As they continued on, Emily let herself relax. The rocking of the wagon hitting the desert ground felt almost like a lullaby. Her lullaby was interrupted by voices above her, laughing, something funny must have been said.

    Emily tried to tune them out, getting back to her dream, but the dream was lost. She dreamt that she was back at her old school,where her best friend, Denise, was on top of the school building, calling for Emily to join her. Emily missed Denise almost as much as she missed her old bedroom, which she was very attached to.

    As the dream vanished however, Emily was taken away from Denise and brought back to her human feelings. Her human feelings weren't joyful either at the moment, the sun baked her skin, even with her light blanket placed across her body and her clothes were caked onto her skin with dirt and mud. That wasn't even the worst however, the aching pain of hunger was. No, her parched lips and throut from lack of water was the worst possible pain avialable. She tried to block the feeling out, but it was as impossible as bringing her dream back.

    Emily opened her eyes, letting her dream go. She looked around for her brother, who was walking next to her wagon. Emily reached her hand out and grabbed hold of his shirt, "Water." She let out of her cracked lips.

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