In 2012 the world ends by a secret alien organization. The organization, UPU(Which stands for United Planets of our Universe), decided that Earth had surpassed it's "primitive state" and was no longer

    Starting Guide


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    Starting Guide

    Post  Admin on Sun May 23, 2010 8:30 pm

    Okay, confused on where to start? Here's your place.

    Here is the Contents:
    • Registering a Character

    • Special Powers

    • Role playing Guidelines

    • Country Guide

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    Registering a Character

    Post  Admin on Sun May 23, 2010 8:37 pm

    Registering a character

    Click "Register" in the top-right hand corner of the page.
    To register you need;

    •A valid email address.

    •A Password.

    •A first name and a surname for your character. Please make sure the name you choose:
    - includes a first name and a last name (NOT your real name)
    - does not include any numbers or symbols
    - Is realistic in terms of where you live or your story.
    - is not the name of a character from a book, TV show, movie nor the name of a celebrity

    Apply for a character
    • Go into Character Claim.
    • If you are applying for a pre-made character, then fill out that form or if it's a new character, fill out that form and make a new post in the topic, Application.
    • If you are accepted(Most likely) then you will get pm from a moderator.
    • Make a topic in Character claim, this will be your Character Library.

    When you create your character, use these guidelines:

    •When you first register at Virtual Hogwarts, your character must start off at the age of 3-25, Unless taking a pre-made character or have special permission.

    •You have 2 races to choose from, Alien or Human.

    •If you have a magical ability, make sure it is possible, if you are not sure, PM an Admin.

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    Special Powers

    Post  Admin on Sun May 23, 2010 9:02 pm

    Special Abilities

    On earth, there are known characters that will have powers. Some examples are;
    • Children from Antarctica
    • Aliens
    • Aliens pretending to be human
    • Any other exception that you have made up

    So here are some decisions on the power your character may have.

    First of all, lets cover races; Your character can either be Human or Alien at the moment. Later there might be crosses between the few but for now, your either an alien or human. Nothing else.


    • Element Bender
    • Invisibility
    • Physic
    • Mind reader
    • Animal Tongue

    Element Bender

    An element bender is someone who can bend one, or all, of the elements. The elements include fire, water, air, and fire. Only humans from Antarctica can posses even the slightest from this power. It will be rare that anyone can bend all the powers but very likely that a human from Antarctica will posses one element.


    This is a power that anyone from anyway can attain if they have a quiet personality. They have no control over this power and go invisible if they go unnoticed for a long period of time.


    Anybody can have this power if they are young. They will slowly lose this power as they age. It should completely vanish once they are 18. Just mention that you will have this power in your application.

    Mind reader

    Only very few people will have this power and will have to PM an admin to get it.

    Animal Tongue

    All aliens have this power. They can communicate with animals.

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    Role playing Guidelines

    Post  Admin on Sun May 23, 2010 9:11 pm

    Role playing Guidelines

    Open vs. Closed

    1. When starting a roleplay, you must decide whether or not it is going to be open or closed. In an open roleplay, anyone may join in the thread, and may take the thread in any direction they wish. In a closed roleplay, only invited members may post in the thread.

    2. To indicate if a thread is open or closed, please include the word that describes your roleplay in the topic title or subtitle like this; Title of topic[Closed]

    3. If someone ignores your wishes to have a closed topic, feel free to contact a moderator for the forum in which the thread is located. They can delete the post.

    Grammar and post length

    1. Please keep your grammar and spelling as correct as possible. No netspeak is allowed.

    2. All role plays should be done in the third person tense, and written as though the events occurred in the past.

    3. A post should be at least five lines to three or four long paragraphs.

    4. If you need to make an additional comment as yourself and not as your character, you should use the abbreviation "OOC" before your statement indicating that you are Out Of Character. It is also useful to put all OOC comments in parentheses to clearly separate them from your character's actions.

    5. You may only post in English, unless your character says a line or two in a different language and you state what it means at the bottom of the page.
    Control of characters

    Control of characters

    1. While role playing, it is important to remember that you have control of only your own character. You can have your character say or do anything that you like within the rules, but you can't force any other character to do something without their consent.

    2. Your posts should be open-ended, in that they allow the person you are roleplaying with to make a decision regarding the outcome of a specific event.
    3. If you do perform an action for somebody else in one of your posts, you must get their permission to do so. This goes for something as inconsequential as saying that the person you are talking to "looked worried." If it is not in that character's personality to be worried by news such as that you are telling them, then they may object.

    4. If you need to roleplay the actions of someone who is not registered on the boards, then you may do so in your posts.

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    Post  Admin on Mon May 24, 2010 3:43 pm

    So obviously with an alien invasion, not all the Countries will be exactly what they were. Here is a short brief on where each continent stands. (I will go into more detail of countries later)

    United States
    Home to the biggest resistance(Discluding Antarctica), if any surviving humans are out there, you are supposed to go and find the Human Organization located in Oklahoma and Texas(Weather and landforms are not exactly realistic to the real climate there because the planet earth is tilted weirdly now).

    Besides that neither aliens nor humans have any boundaries here. That is changing everyday as more and more human survivors show up.

    No one ones either but it has gotten so cold that only desperate people will live there.

    South America
    Many resistances are scattered across South America but none have grown big enough to mention.

    Africa is so hot that if anyone is out during the day in the sunlight, they will burn to death within moments. Very few survivors still live here.

    Alien has this heavily guarded city. Any human entering Australia will die, it's practically suicide. The only humans that live here are the children being raised here by the aliens so they can be used as an experiment.

    Asia has become a land of criminals and warlords. All decent people have either gotten away or are stuck here, without a way out. Aliens and humans here live together.

    No man's land but is constantly with threat from their neighboring Asian countries. Decent people here try to help the good people of Asia escape from the barbed wire ghetto gate.

    Humans were given power by a strange blue mist, making them as powerful as aliens, if not more powerful. The only problem is that all of them are only children. This is a dominated human population and a growing threat to aliens as the children age.

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